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Question   inspiring!
Janel, your vision and captures sing! I love the colors and light. Also the batik effect is very striking. I'm motivated to there! Are they mostly the Denver area?

- Ann Shea November 22, 2011

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Question   Your photos are breathtaking!
I love each of your photos.
Where did you capture your Moose photo at? I look forward to seeing more wildlife photos. Thanks Pam

- Pamela Silvius November 01, 2009

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Question   Love It
Janel, I love your sight and the blog. The pictures are fabulous! Best of Luck!

- Mary Ann Littler October 01, 2009

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Question   Impressive Artist

Love our work and the passion that comes through with everything you capture. Absolutely stunning.


- Lisa Rhodes September 27, 2009

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